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Life With Autism

Autism Support Website Goes From Strength To Strength

“ Life With Autism” is an online support network created to  provide parents, carers and professionals of autistic children and adults with a open platform where they can freely discuss all of the issues and obstacles concerned when dealing with autism.  This website primarily offers parents and carers a unique social network  to share their experiences with their peers from around the world. The website provides a number unique facilities:

•    A live forum to discuss the issues of living with autism
•    An inspiring  video gallery
•    A shared photo gallery
•    The facility to connect directly & build friendships

Another unique and  exciting element of the website is that it also publishes a free daily newspaper – “The Life With Autism Daily” – which is packed with contributions electronically delivered by Twitter from over 50 supportive connections and followers around the world. The online newspaper is published each morning at 7.00am.

“Life With Autism” was created by retired Senior Teacher Lawrence Gordon of Sutton Coldfield.  Having nearly 40 years experience as a parent and carer of an autistic son Lawrence Gordon has seen and endured the heartbreak and frustrations that all parents and carers face from firsthand experience and he saw that there was a need for such an open online platform.

“Life With Autism” aims to increase awareness of autism and bring updates and information together locally and internationally, in chat rooms or forums, of the experiences and anecdotes that may be of beneficial interest, funny and otherwise of those involved with autistics.

Autism affects 600,000 families in the UK and until now there has not been a collective platform that empower families and carers to the extent that they will realise “They are not alone!”